Resistance to acknowledgment and change and progress

RELIGION IS A TRADITION-- tradition is one thing, but some traditions are archaic, dumb, and downright hurtful. Plenty of people have been born to 2 racist parents and realized on their own that it's stupid. Holidays are nice, but it's still possible for a family to get together without worshiping something that is clearly make believe.

RELIGION IS A SOLUTION-- makes you people feel better, gives them answers. Illicit Drugs make you feel better, doesn't mean they are good for you.

Genesis 19


Enough said.

Genesis 3

Genesis 1

The first thing people should know when reading the Torah, Bible, or Koran is that if taken literally, the text dates creation respectively at 5,769 (lunar and solar "years are not materially different in length. The earth revolves around the sun in about 12.4 lunar months [working on the Catholic and Muslim Calendars] years ago (as of 2008).

The heavens and earth, light and darkness, critter and humans are less than 10,000 years old? Really?! And if not, isn't that an indication that the bible is pure fiction?


Why did god need to rest?
Why did it coincidentally take him exactly 6+1 days to build the whole world?
Where did he rest? Did he just lay down and go to sleep in the sky? Does god dream?